HBK DINERO & James Mullaney – “On Me”

HBK DINERO & James Mullaney – “On Me”

Thursday, 24 October 2019
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Str8Drop Music artist Tamirick Javier Pyle, better known as HBK DINERO, was born March 8th 2001 in Harrisburg, PA where he was also raised. Dinero is a very intelligent young artist. At the age 5 HBK Dinero fell in love with music, however he only recently took music seriously as a craft in 2018. Dinero also has a love for sports, a former cornerback and point guard for his school’s team, he is used to making plays and holding his own. HBK DINERO’s influences include Chris Brown and 50 Cent. He currently admires artists like PNB Rock and Lil Durk, he relates to their style, storytelling, and passion in their songs. He says “I make music to express my feelings and for other people to listen and to learn & understand my struggle from my lyrics”. He is certainly a star with heartbreaker looks and amazing vocals that gives a unique sound.

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Str8Drop Music artist James Mullaney, born December 4th 1994 is a unique aspiring Hip Hop/R&B artist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Usually the outcast, James grew a love for music, acting, and traveling. He is of Puerto Rican/Irish/Italian decent. James says “I’m a Sagittarius which means I’m one of a kind and I’m dedicated to getting whatever I put my mind to” which is evident in the way he is quickly making his way through this music game by creating his own lane. James Mullaney shares a birthday with Jay Z and his musical influences are Drake, Jon B, and Nipsey Hustle. His 1st Single “Stank Face” is a guaranteed vibe. James Mullaney has remarkable pen/writing gift with versatility and depth in his music that is rare to say the least.

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