Snubbs – “45” Produced by Ghosty

Snubbs is an artist from West Harlem that’s overcome tremendous life obstacles using his talent, natural star -like glow, and charisma to propel his destined path for super-stardom. Snubbs has an undeniable energy you can feel when you meet him, but what makes him special is you can still feel that presence when you’re listening to his music. He brings a true sense of honesty and sincerity regardless of topics: which can vary from dark & underground to bright & Inspirational.

The song topics are diverse: he’s the perfect combination of rapping, singing, harmonizing, and unpredictable lyrics. A new refreshing approach to songwriting, song structure and formats. All of what you already love with a refreshing new genuine energy; SNUBBS is THE PERFECT BLEND. Imagine Meek Mill meets Lil Durk with Drake-like star potential, that’s Snubbs.

“45” Produced by Ghosty; this song is a mood, energy, and feel of revenge. Has a true get back feel, especially with a lot of hook, and metaphors being related to Jordan’s 45 comeback game in the garden (Double Nickel).

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