September 28, 2023

Jonathon Karabekian is an artist and songwriter from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has an incredibly diverse approach to songwriting, exploring genres as diverse as hip-hop, alternative rock, punk, and pretty much anything in between. What makes his work special is the absolute creative freedom that defines it, enabling Jonathon to explore his artistry in full color. Jonathon works across different media formats, thinking of his works as evocative moments that aren’t necessarily bound by narrative threads. His music and artworks are all about stimulating memory and building experiences, going for a multifaceted twist that is incredibly easy to relate to for people of all walks of life.

The artist released his first album, “Participation Awards,” in 2020. The record features 7 tracks, each showcasing a different aspect of the artist’s flow. In 2021, Jonathon doubled down on his music with some amazing new releases. He dropped an EP titled “nervosa,” with 4 new tracks, including two reworked versions of “Grateful” and “Happy,” which also appeared on the artist’s previous full-length album. His most recent studio single, “Four Walls” stands out as one of his best productions to date, highlighting Jonathon’s ability to keep setting the bar higher and explore the possibilities of his creativity.

Jonathon Karabekian is on radio rotation with the track, “Dog”

****Photography by Adam Meng****



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