Nikea Marie – ‘Breathe’
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Throughout her self-titled album, Nikea Marie blesses us with mid to up-tempo R&B bangers, hypnotizing slow jams, and songs that boast nostalgic vibes. On every single song, she displays a level of confidence that is impossible to ignore. She also relies on her emotions, creativity and her faith, to propel songs with a tangible authenticity. The 9 tracks on the album are full of beauty and true raw emotion, displaying great talent and even more potential for the continuously rising...

Friday, 16 September 2022
Ziggy – “Breathe” and “Villains”
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Zachary Raul Reyes aka Ziggy was born in Arcadia, California, but spent a lot of time moving around since his dad was in military service, ending up in a town in Ohio called Middletown where he spent most of my elementary and high school career. Growing up, music was his life. At 13 he received his first guitar, as a gift from his mom. He took two lessons before teaching himself how to write tabs and understanding harmony. From there Reyes ventured into...

Tuesday, 24 October 2017
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