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Chef Mal – “Everything”
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The emcee and producer based out of the small town of Bowdoin, Maine, Chef Mal aka Malachai Hilt, is the CEO of 5207Records ( and Freshly Fit Clothing Company. His catalog boasts 6 full studio albums along with multiple singles bringing his total number of projects to 105. Chef Mal really brought it to the table with his latest project, “Everything” (Prod. by Nat The Genius). The Chef is unbelievably talented that it makes no sense he’s not getting more...

Monday, 11 May 2020
Chef Mal – “Feel Me”
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Malachai Hilt, aka Chef Mal, is a Maine based Hip Hop Artist who grew up in Tucson. He started writing and producing his own music just 6 months ago. Building his circle with artists like Epic Genie, Nat The Genius, and JG Beats, he’s been able to produce 14 Songs. His single, “Feel Me” like Chef Mal’s manifesto, a man releasing the things he’s had on his chest, bottled up for so long. Sometimes they come out in the form...

Friday, 26 April 2019
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