endresult: “nowadays” and “lost again”
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A musician from Libertyville, Illinois, endresult is about to graduate high school. His main instruments are piano, vocal, and most importantly double bass. Recently he has also been exploring guitar and electric bass. He has been producing for 4 years and is into a funky and head-bopping electronic music. On the verge of 2020, the music scene is immensely different. The radio is infested with rap and EDM artists of today looking for that next big hit or club banger....

Wednesday, 21 August 2019
BMP – “Nowadays”
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Once upon a time, rappers who sought national recognition performed at local open mics to build a buzz. They’d sign with fledgling indie labels, release a few singles and mixtapes, and push their music to local FM stations, hoping to crack into the rotation. That rarely worked, but, until the ascent of the Internet as a repository for new music, it was the only obvious path. A path that BMP, a 26 year old rapper from Connecticut, has followed with...

Thursday, 02 August 2018
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