Mikell & StahrPassion

Mikell is on radio rotation with the track “Roll On Me” Feat. Anverson Mikell is a G.I. Record label LLC Recording Artist. He is a rapper from Flint, MI. The important reason for the popularity of this rapper is that he provides his fans exactly what they actually deserve. He shows this to his fans through his creative music. Another important reason for his popularity is that he expresses his true emotions through his verses. In addition, he is also...

Sunday, 13 May 2018
StahrPassion – “Numba 1”
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StahrPassion is an R&B, Soul, Pop and Dance artist from Philly. StahrPassion is not a novice to the music industry. A nemesis of Gamble Huff, and an amazing and talented R&B Soul, Pop, Rock & Dance artist. She hails from Philly and emerges as a tough act to follow. She is truly a hot one. StahrPassion is on radio rotation with the track “Numba 1”. You can follow StahrPassion on FACEBOOK and purchase the track at...

Tuesday, 01 November 2016
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