Suave_UK – “Likkle Man”
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Suave_UK is an up and coming hiphop/rnb emcee, from South London. With innovative shock value lyricism and an old school hip hop vibe, this is an emcee to definitely one to look out for. “Likkle Man” (little man) is the new song released by London native @Suave_UK, where he talks about his first-hand experiences of being a father for the first time and thereby handing down the baton to his son through things he has experienced over the years. This is...

Monday, 07 November 2016
Suave_UK – Tupac – “street fame”(SUAVE MIX)
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New wave from @Suave_UK following recent Tupac news and the release to the biopic movie, here comes Suave_UK with a remix to “Street Fame” one of Tupac’s all times classics. Tupac Shakur truly transcends hip hop as a music form and that fact is very evident when one listens to this music. He was a song writer more than just a rapper and Suave brings across that message even clearer with his remix of this song. Many people don’t understand the importance...

Thursday, 06 October 2016
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