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SwiF CrooK – “Move The Church”
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When hip hop first began the focus was on the East Coast and later the West Coast, but a few individuals slowly helped bring the attention to the south. While southern rappers have hailed from cities and states from all over the south, the most important states that have help with the growth southern rappers are Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Georgia. Many don’t realize that the south has been producing hits since the 1980s. SwiF CrooK is a rapper...

Saturday, 09 May 2020
SwiF CrooK – “Stack Hunnas”
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SwiF CrooK is a rapper and producer born in LA and raised in Louisiana. SwiF has lived a dark and troubled life but has always kept a positive outlook, using his music as a catalyst to relieve him of his trials and tribulations.  SwiF CrooK has released a series of tracks and is currently promoting “Stack Hunnas”. It’s clear that good rap equals good storytelling, and rappers hoping to be taken seriously increasingly structure their work as an analogue to...

Tuesday, 12 March 2019
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