Dexterltd – ‘Wasted’ and ‘Territory’
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There’s a buoyant, lightweight vibrancy on the works of South African based rapper Dexterltd, which helps to balance out a genre that is more often than not weighed down by methodical lyrics and cloned production. Throughout ‘Wasted’, Dexterltd delivers a vibe that’s versatile and raw, packed with clever, complex storytelling. Yet the record doesn’t become self-indulgent; the rapper never forgets his audience, peppering his more uncompromising material with head-nodding beats. A compelling recording characteristic of the country’s...

Monday, 17 February 2020
EvaOni – “Wasted” and “Lose Myself”
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EvaOni is a native of Connecticut, but has heartstrings in Florida. Her vocal background is in gospel music, and she has performed in every state along the east coast, as well as private, international performances in the UK and France. Her public persona has come on the scene as a singer-songwriter who covers an array of genre, although generally classified as a pop artist. She’s a talented vocalist, gifted in storytelling and her flirty edge gives her sound hard bite...

Monday, 10 December 2018
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