T.Savage – “Westside”
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Born and raised on the west side of Baltimore City, MD, T.Savage was groomed and cultivated by two self-proclaimed hustlers, her mother and father. Her parents lived and provided for their family, by any means necessary. Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, AZ, The Hot Boyz, Lil Kim and Eve provided the soundtrack of T.Savage’s youth, against a sobering tapestry of drugs, street life and survival, a virtual witches brew for a young girl growing up in the violent, drug-riddled streets of Baltimore....

Saturday, 29 February 2020
Aren B. – “WestSide”
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Aren B. (Pronounced R&B) is a 29 year-old artist from Mgee, MS. His inclination towards stream of consciousness lyricism is allowed to flow freely on his track, “WestSide”. This is bolstered significantly by him fully embracing an indifference to the standard verse-hook-refrain-hook-type R&B. Rather he finds beauty in simplicity. This track is a slow jam imploding into a chilled out electro-soul vibe. In essence this tune is full of mostly good ideas with respect to production and vocal style, pulling...

Tuesday, 04 September 2018
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