December 4, 2023

A consummate artist, Cornelia De’Flore’ is a native of South Florida, who has lived, performed and or directed choirs in other cities such as Tallahassee Florida, Tuskegee Alabama, Atlanta Georgia, Phoenix Arizona, Sacramento California, just to name a few. Cornelia also directed the Comiso, AFB Sicily, Italy choir and was invited by the Priest to the old city of Grammichelle, Sicily, Italy, to do their first Gospel Concert.

Cornelia, who started singing in St. John First Baptist Church in Belle Glade, Florida, has just released her new song, entitled “Fight On”, which she dedicates to those who are, and will fight the good fight of faith. A portion of all sales and downloads will also be directed to those that are out on the battlefield for a good cause, says Cornelia.

The single cover
The single cover

Cornelia De’Flore’ has really outdone herself on this one. She shows herself on fire and relevant. What can be said about her latest release. First of all this project takes her music and her sound to a whole new level. The music has a way of soothing your mind to a place of peace and a desire to worship the Father.

Her voice is unique and her sound that of authentic worship. I can’t remember Cornelia being this deep and inspirational. If you are a prayer warrior, a worshiper, this is the music for you. Trust me on this one.

A truly anointed lady, Cornelia’s singing comes straight from her heart and her love of Jesus is felt in her songs, and especially on “Fight On”. Her signature voice, strong yet soothing, leads the audience into the spirit of worship. The simple words and melodies of her songs, rouse the listener into a feeling of fellowship.

Cornelia De’Flore’ radiates positive energy with songs like “Fight On”. She teaches us that as there are things in life that would make us sad or that we don’t like, at the core, if we know who we are we can find strength through the joy of the Lord. That means we can command our circumstances.

The attitude of the “Fight On” is that if we fight to believe, we will have the victory in everything. Throughout, Cornelia radiates her personal warmth and inspires through her own worship.

There are a no stumbling blocks on “Fight On” and Cornelia De’Flore’s phenomenal intuition in connecting others to the Lord resonates on all counts.  It is a song that plays to the strengths of this very talented artist, and keeps us hoping that she’ll continue the delicate balance of praise and worship, as well as being a recording artist for many years to come.

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