September 22, 2023

stahrpassion-300StahrPassion is an R&B, Soul, Pop and Dance artist from Philly. StahrPassion is not a novice to the music industry. A nemesis of Gamble Huff, and an amazing and talented R&B Soul, Pop, Rock & Dance artist.

She hails from Philly and emerges as a tough act to follow. She is truly a hot one.

StahrPassion is on radio rotation with the track “Numba 1”.

You can follow StahrPassion on FACEBOOK and purchase the track at iTUNES

1 thought on “StahrPassion – “Numba 1”

  1. This song is truly a great hit everybody can feel this song I love it let’s make it climb the charts to be numba1 she’s gonna b numba no doubt have fun stahrpassion

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