December 9, 2023

Deandre Owens aka BallStaR came up in the streets of Arlington, TX into a life of crime. After doing some he came home to pursue a career in music. He started PMB Records and created a movement. BallStaR has been on his music grind for some time and feels that now it’s his moment. He has just dropped the single “In Da Streets” taken off of his mixtape “WeDntFuccWitchU”.

The mixtape was intentionally recorded with a mature, streetwise tone and immediately after he begins rapping in the first cut, you’ll be able to tell that BallStaR has come with plenty character and depth and it stays this way all the way to the end, including on this single.

His commitment to hustling and grinding, and his dedication to his craft, all obvious trademarks of his personality and style, are of course very much evident in the project. BallStaR’s emphasis on a positive attitude and hard work pops up regularly and often. And before you even get a chance to break down the bars on the track, the production is guaranteed to reel you in.

Keeping the same momentum he has on the mixtape BallStaR commences “In Da Streets” with the same energetic fire he’s sustained throughout “WeDntFuccWitchU”. Dig deeper, though, and his lyrical content is filled with substance. After a melodic introduction his verbal spark instantly ignites and never lets up until the track fades out.

BallStaR delivers bars about rising from the mud to making money on the streets, and all along the way, this project is marked by a slew of high moments. This includes the hand-clapping beat and the call-and-response choruses.

BallStaR spits his own brand of street poetry about hustling, but is improved from the usual gangsta fare due to the narratives and storytelling moments he injects into the song.

I loved this song from the moment I first heard it, I won’t lie. The call-and-response chanting is instantly hypnotizing to the ears, providing an uplifting, all-conquering feeling. Add to that, the fact that BallStaR is a lyricist that does a damn good job of being straight-forward, to the point, and graphic on topical moments.

Strewn with gritty fast-paced hustle lines, “In Da Streets” is definitely worth a listen, you won’t be disappointed!


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