September 23, 2023

“Unabashed creativity”, “unapologetic honesty”, “revolutionary minded youth wizards!” These are only a few phrases that encapsulate the hip-hop super group M.O.B.Stars— Maintaining Our Brothers, Stayin’ Totally Alert Revolutionary Style. M.O.B.Stars musical group combine vivid language, vocabulary, energy, and charisma seen by no other— track, after track. Rooted from Paterson, NJ, M.O.B.Stars successfully encapsulates the sounds of the city and the heartbeat of the nation. “They say what we all think and feel, but are afraid to express”. The M.O.B. is composed of four dedicated members who illuminate both collectively and individually.

Jochi is described as the more artistic of the bunch. While quiet in his personal demeanor, the dynamic combination of his worldview and passion for life tells a different story. Lyrically, Jochi enriches his poetic rhythms with many of his own personal expressions from his environment to deliver a sound that is always honest and inviting to the ears of true listeners.

The next organ to the M.O.B. goes by many names— Taliban Triple, Triple Letter, and the most widely known Silk City Genius, or the shortened S.C.G. S.C.G.’s lyrics, which clearly illustrate the knowledge of a true scholar, show that his name is not just a catchy acronym. His delivery is a cross between the lyricism of AZ with energy and a vocal texture too often compared with 2Pac. S.C.G. doesn’t let these large names falter him as he is his own man in the truest sense. Those who crave intellectual hip-hop where the dynamics of the sound match the level of wisdom embrace the presence of S.C.G.

Where to begin with the next member, O.B.? O.B. is the shortened version of another acronym O.B.I.E. — One Brother in Evolution. After spending his teenage years through the streets of Paterson under the alias O.B., O transferred the name into his hip-hop career and added a degree of righteousness aspires to reaching. Often characterized as a head figure of the group, O does more to keep everyone in the family motivated and strong musically; allowing them to feed off the energy he brings.

Musically, he is as diligent as he is talented. His fluid changes in vocal patterns, drawls and lyrical deliveries can make him sound like Black Thought, Nas, Kanye, or Talib Kweli. With a “yet-to-see-soon-to-come” catalog that rivals three greatest hits albums and scattered collaborations forthcoming, O.B. will soon prove to be a formidable musical force.

The last and newest member is SaFE. SaFE, which is an acronym of his New Era fitted cap size, Seven and Five Eighths, is truly an emcee’s emcee. His should-be-patented lyrical delivery is enjoyed and respected by hip-hop connoisseurs it for its brazen originality. With influences ranging from KRS-One to Lupe Fiasco to MF Doom, SaFE fills the void in listeners who have lost their place in hip-hop culture over time due to rigid norms. Conflicted with body image, bouts with self-esteem, and disdain for life’s conventional path among other things, SaFE reminds his listeners to be true to themselves and to always aim high and always uses himself as the model.

Fans and first-time listeners of M.O.B.Stars are always guaranteed a musical masterpiece that will force them to make educated conclusions of the world around them. Despite the cynicism often thrown at grassroots independent artists, The M.O.B. continues to shine and elevate musically and are poised to be the next greats and break new ground in hip-hop.

M.O.B.Stars is on radio rotation with the tracks – SaFE – “Gotta Be Magic” (Prod By Bravestarr) and OB ft Culture Kev – “Party And Bullshit” (Prod By BraveStarr)


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