November 30, 2023

Sean Backus is a hip-hop artist out of Eugene, Oregon. He is a rapper, engineer, producer, and owner of Delayed Time Studio’s. Sean’s latest release is the track, “Promises” ft. Roscoe. One thing is clear. Backus can rap. He has this unique ability to spit story-telling rhymes in double-time flow, and then switch it right down in pace, tone and timbre. And he brings plenty of quality bars to this song too. There’s a lot to like here. The overall quality of the production is a great sign moving forward. Sean Backus’ wrote and performed the song in collaboration with Rhy Kelly, while he also handled the engineering and post-production. The instrumental was produced by Lucid Soundz.

Not all will appreciate the mix of singing and rapping on the track but it’s so well done that you can really get the sense of the story Sean Backus’ tries to tell through the song, as it adds that bittersweet melancholic twist. The overall tone of “Promises” ft. Roscoe is dark and gloomy with the undertone of anger, but also hope finding its way towards the end of the tunnel.

The entire track is about making it out of a tough situation and having that make you stronger despite the lies and failed promises of others. It’s one of the unique approaches to the song and you really have to listen to every word to understand how deep it is.

Backus uses sounds and effects in the song for taking people out of their comfort zones and helping them pay attention in finding that deeper within the track. The struggle in his voice emotes the constant resistance for people to change for the better within themselves.

The mood and instrumental comes off as authentic, which makes it easy to appreciate what the rapper is saying. His use of lyrics and music to paint a vivid picture is clear evidence of the artist’s maturity.

Overall, Sean Backus has produced a song that stands out from the crowd and sees him become a sincere spokesman for an honest integrity that isn’t always respected in relationships, be that between lovers, friends or even family members.

“Promises” ft. Roscoe is a track symbolic of Backus’ place in underground hip hop and its outskirts. An artist and producer who is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of his craft, in both the recording and performance spheres.


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