September 21, 2023

Jared Daws (born March 2nd, 1994) is an American born singer-songwriter and performing artist that makes music under the stage name “The Ledge.” As a young child, he was drawn to the melancholy tones of R&B after witnessing the death of his brother. It was from there that he began imitating some of his favorite artists at the time, which he claims were Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys, and Boyz II Men, and began putting his voice to the sound.

Too timid to sing in front of others for years to come, a friend of his finally pushed him to join choir in the 8th grade. It was from there that he started to explore more of who he was as a singer and began developing musical interests in other places.

After a few years of finding his voice, he would go on to start many musical projects, the first being an acoustic act with his then best friend. Most of the projects to follow ranged from hard rock to aggressive metal, and while these weren’t his preferred style of R&B, they did help establish his love for the stage. He did find small successes throughout his time in bands amassing over 150,000 streams on different singles over the years, but even then he still longed to be a solo artist.

This cycle would continue for 5 years until he met back up with a previous band mate, who in their absence of speaking, started producing music. The two began their collaboration in 2016 and Jared has since then released multiple singles such as “T$UNAMI”, “They’re Gone”, and “I Never Will,” amassing him over 125,000 streams on SoundCloud thus far.

The Ledge is on radio rotation with the tracks: “T$UNAMI” and “I Never Will”.


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