November 30, 2023

Kendall Clark born and raised in Warner Robins Georgia, where he learned the ethics of humble beginnings and family values at an early age. Attracted by artists such as the Outkast, Killer Mike, Three 6 Mafia and UGK, Kendall started writing poetry at the age of nine, and began recording at home by the age of twelve. As a teenager he began to be more influenced by east coast musicians such as Kanye, Biggie, NAS, and J Cole, as well as producers such as 9th Wonder and J Dilla. Currently living in Los Angeles California, Kendall has tried really hard to take bits and pieces from different artists while growing up. To be the best that he can be.

Kendall Clark’s latest release is the single “GRIND”. Tapping abstract trap-savant into the record’s production, the whole thing feels audacious and downright important, at least for the sake of some urban, hard-grinding populace out there. Erudite without being overwrought and passionate without being dogmatic, what we’ve got here is a tasty morsel of the rap genre. In essence, Kendall is an every-man’s emcee, with a gift for rhetoric that has no compatibility issues with songwriting.

At any given time, Kendall has a lot on his mind as he divulges his opinions on the struggle of grinding to achieve your goals – whether in life, music or sport – with more fervor here than ever. A vocal chameleon with a fierce edge, his tenacity and intelligence on the microphone allows him to invest his subject matter with urgency, but without hurry, as he works his way across the slow-burning sound canvas with his rhymes.

Stylistically – operating as the track does within the field of hip-hop – by its own definition it already gives a fair idea what you’re likely to hear. Yet that concise, emotive title is also a summation of a truth that trickles through the veins of all hip-hop, a genre founded on an ongoing struggle for success, or at the very least – survival.

Of course, rap is far from restricted to one issue, but “GRIND” is a track that takes the energy of hip hop’s rebellious and ambitious instincts as its heart and reminds us of their importance when you’re on your grind.

The beat bumps and swaggers with the best of them, while Kendall Clark spits his references and experiences to the world. Kendall is much more than just a skilled name-dropper though, he’s also a first rate storyteller, social commentator. On the subject of beats, it’s no great surprise that this one provides a masterclass in production.

More importantly, it isn’t the case that you could simply switch this beat with those on any other recently released albums; built on a horn-dominated arrangement – unlike the electro beats doing the rounds – this sounds like it has been tailored to play to Kendall Clark’s strengths. I’d struggle to think of a more creatively logical pairing.


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