September 22, 2023

Meaty has dropped the first two singles “Saucy” and “Get It On The Floor” from his upcoming album ‘S3V3N’ which will be released November 21, on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and other major online music outlets, as well as Reverbnation and Meaty’s very own website. The Midwest artist and entrepreneur is building not only a career in the music industry but a brand – with the True Ballah Record label – in collaboration his younger sister and longtime partner, Dionne “Mz Smoov” Goodwin, who is also the album’s executive producer. On his latest release, the Mansfield raised emcee can be heard chopping at the walls of Hip Hop with a unique flow, breathing incendiary rounds of lyrical power.

What’s a rapper to do, when he’s come to master his flow and lyricism, when he’s rounded up the best producers? He comes out not only toughened by fire, but for Meaty the answer is to turn his pen towards his own psyche. ‘S3V3N’, as a record, is an introspective project as the emcee looks at his experiences from a personal view.

There’s a rather recurrent stigma in rapping where if you tell a story, you have to sacrifice some lyricism for the sake of clarity. Paying no mind to that nonsense, Meaty balances lyricism and narration straight out the gate with “Saucy” Prod by PSB, a hard hitting banger.

There’s nothing lacking on this record, as Meaty comes through with passion on every verse, taking steps outside of his comfort zone as a spitter without sacrificing any lyrical bite. “Get It On The Floor” ft. Big Scrilla produced by T Made, and “Vanilla Sky” produced by Herb, which sit back-to-back near the front end of the album, show Meaty ability to tear through off-kilter beats without missing a step or altering the melody.

The most impressive thing about the album, is Meaty’s insistence on not being pegged as a particular type of emcee. He opens up the layers of his mind, and the skills of a spitter, a story-teller, and a street emcee. Throughout this album Meaty spits enough synonyms, analogies and syllables, as the listener gleans a certain purpose and clarity in each song, as if every bar isn’t just for effect as much as it is for impact.

The epic, string-filled “As The World Turns” produced by Starseed Beats and “Bang” ft. Doughboi produced by Who Dun It, peels back layers of Meaty’s experiences and his talent, all while producing a wide range of supplementary skills and formidable flows.

To remain relevant in this attention deficit landscape where marketing arguably surpasses the actual music is a feat within itself. Meaty has been able to align himself with picturesque narratives and cinematic productions while holding his own weight in each setting.

Meaty is a brilliant storyteller, his tales vividly describing certain events in his life, and when he bumps into a throbbing bass and drum driven beat such as on “One Shot” produced by Black Attack, the result is powerful and capturing.

That Meaty’s delivery style is unique and quite unlike any other hip-hop artist is evident on “So Gone” ft. Kush Scales produced by Rick Rogers. He continuously spits lines over a simple relentless beat without needing any other musical stunts.

His raps are detailed, as he crams focused information and rhymes into every single musical bar. On this recording Meaty delivers cohesiveness and clear-cut goals for an ambitious project. Ultimately ‘S3V3N’ is an impressive and powerful record.



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