Julius Wilson – “Money & Power”

Meet Julius Wilson an extremely talented artist/musician from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Born in Halifax with Jamaican and Bajan decent Julius started music at the age of 8. His musical influences range from Jimmy Hendrix, James brown to The Killers.

This explains Julius’s unique incomparable style. He’s all over the music spectrum being able to hit pockets in hip hop, rock, pop and EDM without compromising his brand because everything is organic. He plays virtually almost every instrument which makes the beauty of him hitting the studio is that you never know what kind of song he is going to make. What’s for certain is that it will be a hit.

Julius has a magnetic personality that keeps you intrigued. He’s full of positive energy and is always smiling which ironically is the title for his first single “Smile” the song has already reached global success with over half a million streams in one week which are impressive numbers for an up and coming independent artist.

Julius is currently in the studio working on his first project with label One 11. I’ve had the opportunity to hear some of his songs and I can’t put into words what it sounds like, what I can say is that he has a way of making his own genre, you just have to listen yourself to understand what I mean.

It’s refreshing to know that there is still young artist with meaningful substance. Julius has iconic potential and will definitely make his mark in the music business and will be a highlighted artist to look out for in 2018.

Julius Wilson is on radio rotation with the track “Money & Power”.


Julius Wilson – Money & Power

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