September 27, 2023

Simon aka Sly Eaze was born in New York into a West Indian house hold. His mother from Barbados and his father was Native American. He spent most of his childhood residing in Spring Valley New York although he would spend many weekends in Newark, New Jersey.

While getting his initial musical influence from Tupac, Biggie, and Nas his taste for different types of music was vast and boundless. Other great musicians influenced his versatility in the music he created such as Phil Collins, Seal, Jay-Z and Timberland. As a child he would watch his father record his own music on an old school tape recorder. Simon always had an inert passion for creation as a child which would be seen through his abstract artwork, music and short stories that he wrote.

He started playing the piano at age 10 and began playing the alto saxophone in the 4th grade where he would continue until he graduated from high school. His rhythmic dictation stem from his years of playing in the East Ramapo marching band and he continued to hone his skills.

Simon attended Mercy College where he majored in Music Production and Technology completing 3 years before receiving devastating news which would force him to return home. His college years were some of the darkest when he discovered his father had stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver and desperately needed a liver transplant. At the same time, he was going through the biggest financial struggles in his life.

His mother returned to Barbados as soon as he started college, his sister had moved to D.C. and his brother was living in Texas. With no one to speak with about his problems he would channel his feelings of pain and uncertainty for what life truly had to offer through his music. Simon’s passion for music and love for word play enabled him to show the duality in what he’s saying, at the same time changing the perspective on unique topics that effect different levels of society.

Simon’s music ranges from Hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Club Music and doing Film Scores. His next major project will tell a story about what he wants out of life. It will show how he sees the world around him after many unfortunate events that he has endured. Also, how he will overcome his personal trifles. After all, you can’t be a legend if you never went through hardships and that’s something he knows about way to well.

Sly Eaze is on radio rotation with the track “Survive”.


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