September 25, 2023

Born Joseph Antoney Raphael in Kingston, Jamaica to a maid and a shop keeper, Vyzhan always dreamed of a wider world than what his parents could afford him. At the tender age of six when most children were playing with toys and enjoying their innocence, he had an experience that almost crushed his body and his dreams right along with it. Torn clothes, burning asphalt, under the full weight of a moving truck and potentially breathing his last, little Joseph found his voice.

Performing in the Reggae/Dancehall genres Vyzhan (pronounced as in Vision) feels that he has something different to say and the songs from this artiste have been called unique and thought provoking by fans. These songs usually center on love and relationships, especially family love.

But the reason for that is buried in the past – as he almost was. Who more to appreciate family than the boy who almost died before he could spell the words “Mommy”, ”Daddy” and “Brother”?

Vyzhan is on radio rotation with the track “My Own”.

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