December 9, 2023

L’S810 Releases New Single “Man of The Year ft. Joey Cool from upcoming album “My Truth” Extended. An emcee from Flint, MI, but to L’S home sweet home is called Fly City. But L’S resides in “Kansas City, MO’. L’S is as true to the letters MC as a king to his thrown.

Born on July 7, in the late 80’s, Julius Alen Hitchye began his journey to the eye of the world, by way of the stage. From the age of 11 to the present , L’s has held rolls in over 10 scripted plays, and has hosted over 20 community based art events.

From sword fighting to emceeing shows, L’S has pursued it all. After graduating L’S attended audio engineering school, then a year after he released his first project. L’s has joined forces with Unlabeled Records, and a group of young Kansas City musicians, to perform all over the mid-west. This combination of live music and strong soulful hip hop lyrics, brings a new sound to the world.


Instagram: @ls810_

Facebook: thereallsakalns



 For Booking Contact: (816)527-3282


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