December 11, 2023

Deja Loose is a 20 Year old singer-songwriter from Lancaster Pennsylvania. A college student at Millersville University she has played piano since she was 6 Years old. Currently promoting her Dancehall flavored single, “Wine”, Deja’s voice sounds assured and strong. With this track, she wanting to establish her position as a young artist to watch in the coming years. Blending a mix of rhythmic verses and soaring melodic choruses, Deja Loose deftly displays the maturity and self-confidence of a veteran performer. She displays a range of styles, tempo and mood that reveals the heart and soul of her multi-ethnic bloodline, which is a blend of Dominican, Black, White, and Native American.

The breezy tropical track, held together by an infectious chorus is indicative of the groovy feel-good tones Deja Loose is bringing to the table: “Everybody in the club, drop it to the ground, and wine, wine, wine, wine. Till the lights out.”  To wine, if you don’t know, is to move your hips and waist in a “winding” motion, hence the name.

The actual ‘wine’, the thing done typically between a man and a woman, to music, at a party, has come to mean so much more than what it appears. How a wine is carried out could indicate the start or the end of something, or reveal a person’s state of being.

In the case of Deja Loose’s “Wine”, it seems to clearly indicate the start of something new: “Boy you got me going crazy. And I don’t even know your name. Bout to go and tell the Dj. Play that song again.”

But Deja is also capable of infusing the track with double-entendre intrigue which will have male pheromones in delirium: “Boy you know what I need when I think about you. I wonder what I’ll do. Maybe we’ll just be wining it through to the night. Or maybe I’ll come through.” Deja surely knows how to keep the boys interested.

Deja carefully holds the majority of the song within a comfortable register, relying more on her softer tones to punctuate the track’s emotion, before sliding into higher ecstasy levels in the chorus. The song’s pulsing bass line is the perfect counterpoint to her entrancing vocal highs, and its haunting desire will stick with you long after the track fades out.

Even with its smooth vibe, all elements are at their pinnacle. Deja exhibits masterful vocal control, the production is rhythmic and sensual, and the writing is close to perfection.

Deja Loose has all the requisites to receive the recognition she deserves. All she needs is a track that capitalizes on the opportunity. And “Wine” brings the goods as it resonates in your ears. In the song, she is playful, she is pensive and she is sensual, and she seems to relish in her complete control of those elements.

She knows what she wants, and is working towards that goal. This is a young veteran at work, who’ll eventually get the shine!


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