September 27, 2023

Chad Rico is ready to prove his worth and wealth of talents on the 7 track EP “Myth”, which is a crossover blend of Hip-hop, R&B and most other urban meanderings currently in vogue. Rico steps up to the plate on fire, but not in a hurry. His vision covers mellow cinematic beats, plenty of atmosphere, and melody loaded with emotion.  Rico has completed an excellent set of recordings here. He just seems to know exactly what it takes to put a cohesive record together, as he cranks out captivating track after track at a smooth pace. “Myth” is shiny addition to his catalogue, with Rico fusing his mind-melting talk and knack for beat selection into a must-have for fans. The rapper’s alternating vocal pitches, as slides between singing and rapping, make his animated performances all the more worthwhile. Right from the opening track, the bass-thumping “Jet”, Chad Rico’s silky rhymes are a perfect match for the beat.

The following track “Night In Barcelona” is just as good as the prior track, if not just a little better. Busy percussion and an insistent hook on the chorus, makes this one hard to forget. A powerful low-end drive the track, and Rico is on his luxury rap flow, ready to mesmerize.

Looks like Rico also seems to rap incredibly well over slow-burning beats. The proof is on “Big Numbers”. The track which also features Lil Peri, is clearly production driven and Rico’s rhyme scheme is impeccable on here, as is the melodic chorus.

“New Level” is where Chad Rico gets it on point again, yet another track with a smooth ass slow beat where Rico shines on. There’s a level of insight and maturity running throughout this EP that we hardly get to see on releases from Rico’s contemporaries.

An architect of the sound that defines classic rap music – reverberating basslines, and body-shaking 808’s—Rico often draws from this sonic and stylistic well. That’s how you get to craft a resonating tune like “Options” on a minimalistic backdrop.

In fact, another feather in Rico’s cap, and what distinguishes him from some of his peers, is an appreciation for instrumentation that’s as rich and researched as his lyrical content.

Lyrically, Chad Rico knows the power of writing his own realities into existence. On both “Click Click” and “Workin”, which features Kam Krzy, his rhymes play like embellished edits to personal diary pages.

At the same time, Rico’s understated swaggering is all part of a wholesome package that’s balanced by sincere recollections and somber realism. What’s most refreshing about this EP is that it feels formula-free. There is also very little trend-hopping, and Rico skirts the status quo of incoherent rhymes by enunciating his every word.

Rico has a way of mixing the gritty in with the smooth to create cruise-inspiring flex tracks. All-round this is a stellar project with a sharp indication that Chad Rico will be starting to write his way into the industry books.


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