March 1, 2024

Product Of Nature’s “Going Crazy” has a sweeping and uplifting electronic soundscape; the dynamic and refreshing beat matches the deep, vicious flow and voice. This is the getting-harder-to-find type of rap. This is the NYC, ‘I mean business’ type of rap that you can listen to for hours on end. This is a collective with their own convictions and determination. Claiming to be ‘more like family than friends’, Product Of Nature consist of a group of individuals passionate about hip hop music – Producers DJ Enemychild and Ricky Papers, together with Skittles on the mic are aiming to set the scene alight. Listening to “Going Crazy”, two things immediately stand out: the rapper has a knack for brash lines, can go fully melodic in the hooks and the production is top notch.

The track is in your face and is complete with what any rap enthusiast would be looking for – heavy bass, a memorable hook and superb rhyming. On the track, it becomes clear that Skittles is in a lane all by himself. The track is radio and club ready and will have you turning the volume up on your speakers. This is straight flames.

Just hit play, kick back and enjoy the ride, as you get a taste rap and rhythm and soul all rolled into one track. Lots of things make a rap act enjoyable – a unique perspective, story-telling ability, witty wordplay, cadence, bravado, a catchy hook and a killer beat. Product Of Nature has it all and show off their full arsenal.

That also makes this track a refreshing change from the mumble rap so many of us are tired of hearing. The energy is unreal and the drive behind Skittles and Product Of Nature is in full force. This is a fun romp from start to finish. Product Of Nature boasts a rare breed of rapper that can sing a tune as easily as they can rap, and do so with great success.

When he’s rapping, his flow is very confident and polished, while his singing voice adds a great element to this body of work. “Going Crazy” is a great introduction for those who have never heard of Product Of Nature.

While not attempting anything groundbreaking, “Going Crazy” doesn’t seem to have any miscues, and it shows how mature a crew Product Of Nature are, in their texts, in their delivery, and in their beat production, and cements their place as one of the more complete acts in the underground Hip-Hop spectrum.

This gives great cohesiveness to the track, which is only greater due to Skittles’ ability to stay focused and fiery throughout its duration. The end result is a single that couldn’t be more representative of what Product Of Nature is capable of, as a family of friends, emcees, singers and producers. It all sounds as genuine as one could hope for, and you can definitely feel that Product Of Nature have poured their motives and the energy into the song.


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