February 29, 2024

Colgate Smilez took center stage as a child in Bainbridge, Georgia, singing and dancing for her grandmother and has been captivating audiences since. After serving eight years on active in the U.S. Army as a paralegal, Colgate began a career in television and film. Appearing on various national syndicated reality television shows such as, CBS’s “Hot Bench”, BET’s “Sunday’s Best” and “Judge Alex”, she took her acting talent to the theatre in Houston, Texas. Audiences quickly fell in love with her as the energetic and comedic ‘Ms. Trump’ in Deva Mack’s “Tonight Ain’t The Night”. Shortly after, Colgate started her own production company, TV I.M.A.G.E Productions LLC, and began creating her own unique path. Recently, Colgate was awarded as a writer-producer at the WorldFest Houston film festival and released her first feature film “Family After All” adapted from the stage play.

Now Colgate Smilez releases her debut single, entitled “Get Down”. So what’s all the fuss about? This is a fun and enormously satisfying track for anyone who likes pop music in all of its facets, but Colgate is so much more than pop – she mixes in flavors of Soul, R&B, Hiphop and her own original Showtime sound.  She has mastered the art of the ear worm entertainment. She has an impish quality to her writing that lifts your spirits. Her overall vibe will inspire you to look in the mirror and be proud of what I see.

At the beginning, the groove is playfully established with big horns, providing an awesome foreshadow of the goodness to come. Once the finger-snapping groove is firmly established, well, it’s helluva groovy.  Once the singing commences, Colgate Smilez enters in with her bravado attitude, as she confidently sings, “It’s time for me to shine.”

This approach can clearly be seen in an empowering way, while others may viewed it narcissistically.  Take your pick. It doesn’t really matter, because either way Colgate is going to end up shining.

The end result is seamless; it’s glorious, and damningly exuberant, there really isn’t another artist “Get Down” makes more sense for. The songwriting skills and Colgate Smilez’ performance keeps the track from sounding generic and I’m already eager to see how she is going to tell her next story.

Colgate’s voice is borderline addictive on this one and I already want to play it on a loop. The song, in a few words, is honest, catchy, amazing and refreshing. I’m calling it now.

Colgate is undeniably a clever craftswoman who knows she has to work her way into a memorable identity, and has to do so with honest artistic expression rather than just pandering to an audience with gender stereotypes. The result is a refreshing pastiche that exemplifies modern cultural thinking.

When artists create music that is both fun and reflective of who they are, and represent or empower a group of people, then you know they’re here to say. I don’t see Colgate Smilez’ career going anywhere but up from here.


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