September 21, 2023

The Miami born rapper and Atlanta Ga resident Frederick Bushau Boyd better known as Figguhlator has had two of his latest singles – “Head Poppa” and “Don’t Push” – emerge from the underground to mainstream rotation. Impacting the Atlanta and South Florida air-waves, the going on 28 year-old artist, has dropped his 5 track EP entitled “Borrowed Love”. A series of acclaimed recordings announced Figguhlator continued power, but this new milestone wants to firmly cement his place in the pantheon. The recording surpassed my expectations by far. I thought this EP was going to tag along be a typical new era series of trap cuts with no depth to it all. I found myself wrong. “Borrowed Love” is riddled with hard-hitting stories of trials and tribulations, as well as the streetwise money, pussy and drug tropes.

In the process, Figguhlator has found just the right mix of underground and mainstream sound for this EP. He delivers focused lyrics that have meaning behind them while including some sonic elements to bring the mainstream taste to this recording. It’s a good formula for success in my opinion, spit some real bars over a great beat that will appeal to many.

In today’s game, adult rappers must find the middle ground between connecting with the current climate, where 18 year olds are already breaking into the charts, while still staying true to self and satisfying core genre fans.

“Borrowed Love” is an example of an artist doing just that. It will be well received by the younger audiences, as well as hold strong for the culture. Front to end on this EP, Figguhlator delivers quality real music. He has always been known to pull on emotions in his music so even if you do not relate to everything he says, you will still feel its impact and relevance.

“Head Poppa” starts in determined fashion as Figguhlator spits: “Your money can’t make me switch nigga. Your Money don’t make me rich nigga.” The urgency and energy in his voice makes it apparent that he has something to say and this energy carries through the entire EP.

Figguhlator comes out swinging on “The Case”, hitting home with a clear message of violence, crime and injustice, with a twist in its tail. It’s a chilling narrative build on a booming 808-styled beat. Another telling moment on the EP, is represented by “Fuck Shit”. Figguhlator gets to work, spitting with agility over a soulful, organ, choral, and string-laden backdrop.

The production itself has old-school qualities, combined with delightful southern rap cues. Figguhlator further amplifies the soulful dimension of the record with his distinct, gritty voice. “Hoe Money” forges a super glitzy, funky bass line, on which Figguhlator can throw down his explicitly witty rhymes, while keeping your head nodding.

“Don’t Push” once again brings forward a killer 808-styled beat. It’s well orchestrated, not a sound out of place, and the perfect platform for Figguhlator to blend in his chameleon-like ability to transition between rhyming patterns and melodic flows.

Regardless of where you’re bumping this song, it will ride in those speakers, big or small. All in all, there’s plenty to love about “Borrowed Love”Figguhlator delivers a well-rounded and inspired recording.

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