September 28, 2023

Sean Cos Mason aka Sean M was born in Newark, New Jersey and raised in East Orange/Montclair, New Jersey. His mom, a former teacher, and his role model, taught Sean the value of education and creative writing. A talented rapper, he is known to create great songs that comes deep from his spirit.

Sean M recently released his latest EP called “Feel So Good”, on various music streaming websites. On the song “Feel So Good” he bring a fresh take on Hip-Hop with a twist of R&B in a way that will open new lanes for today’s music.

His fresh talent and easy vibe will make him an artist difficult to forget. Sean M is trimming out his lane and trying to stay away from what’s contemporary and going on, in R&B right now. He is designing my own space.”

This project is something that will write its memoir and take the rap scene in New Jersey to another level because of Sean M’s flow and swag. His song “Feel So Good”, is a love song from his ‘Measure Up’ album. It will have you drifting off into thoughts about that special person who is always on your mind.

“Feel So Good” is a never-before-released track which is available for streaming and downloading on Spotify and all other streaming outlets like iHeart Radio, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Napster and more.

‘Stream Surface’ is also available on all streaming outlets!

Links where fans check out for Sean M’s music:
Google Play music
iTunes/Apple Music
iHeart Radio
Sean Cos Mason blog
Sean Cos Mason Napster
Sean Cos Mason YouTube
Noneillah blog
Sean Cos Mason Instagram
Sean Cos Mason Tidal
Sean Cos Mason Amazon

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