December 2, 2023

Affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan & Gang Starr Foundation, Harlem 6 is a hip-hop, R&B and Reggaeton group who have been releasing music since 2001, while spreading the rebirth of pure, real rap music across the globe. The collective have recently dropped the preview of the single “We Getting Rich” as an introduction of the multi-millionaire, Flitz, into the music industry and fashion world.

In today’s hip hop world it’s extremely refreshing to know that there are still a handful of artists that still care about putting out quality music that doesn’t conform to what major labels want it to be just because it needs to play on the radio or the club.

Though there is no doubt that “We Getting Rich” is a full on swaggering banger, it’s the ferocity with which Harlem 6 deliver heir rhymes that sets them apart from the Top 40 dudes.

Aggressive, raw, and to the point, Harlem 6 dig into “We Getting Rich” right from the get go, diffusing their message of what takes to stack up dollars and ride the highlife. If you think you know what hip hop is and should be, listen to this track.

If you don’t think it’s one of the most innovative and original, listen to it over and over and over again to try to completely understand how Harlem 6 execute a track relentlessly, and intelligently. Though to be honest, I have no doubt you’ll be hooked after one play through.

If you prefer your hip hop with odd grunts, mumbles and monosyllabic rhymes then move on, because “We Getting Rich” isn’t the track for you. But if you want a dope beat foundation with intricate rhymes schemes furiously flowing across the top, then run Harlem 6 fast.

Phenomenal and densely produced, with a spoonful of harsh reality, “We Getting Rich” shows that you need to be grinding hard, to be like Flitz. “Came up from the bottom, built it up, worked hard”, is how the song opens, and then drops gems along the way like: “I paid the cost I’ll be the boss, now everything’s clear. Success would be nothing without all the pain and the tears.”

We Getting Rich” is serious-fun music – equally so for the thinkers, the head-nodders, and party people. This project will amass an enormously passionate following of fans that see something of themselves in these kindred spirits and their delightfully sharp rhymes.

Harlem 6 is a movement, plain and simple, and it’d be damn near impossible to find better people to run the show. Of course, it helps that they are uncommonly gifted wordsmiths, too. All the evidence points to “We Getting Rich” being the first genuine shot in the arm that underground hip hop has had this year!

Find out more about Harlem 6 HERE.

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