September 21, 2023

WaYo is an international artist, who produces music in the R&B and Rap styles. Fascinated with art and entertainment, Wayo dove into the scene as a music artist. After releasing new music every week for a year, in a series called ‘Wayo Season’, Wayo is anticipated to release new songs in early 2019, some of which include: “Stir it up”, “Drip”, “Loco” and “Don’t like”. Layered over vibrating snare drums and luxurious, shimmering keys, the latter song scratches at something buried deep in the messy business of being alive, stacking cash, being on your grind and pulling up to the club with a focused vision of your self-worth: “Drop top and I’m doing 90. Yeah they talking shit but they right. I don’t give a fuck if you like me.” The self-awareness displayed here shows that WaYo is in touch with his music and his surroundings.

“Don’t like”, is a track that defines both WaYo’s attitude and artistry, while showing that he is veering towards something innovative. Being fully aware that this is the sound formula fans are currently asking for, and knowing exactly where he is situated in the rap game, WaYo has spent his time perfecting his wizardry on each subsequent release, and is now able to conjure up the magic effortlessly on “Don’t like”.

The beat, the flow, and the earworm melody is here, and makes this track exciting on every repeated listen. Every one of his words, rhymes and adlibs pack an emotional punch, as he unravels images of his self-assured narrative. On “Don’t like”, WaYo – like some his peers before him – has turned his personal and professional tumult into art, simultaneously sticking to his core sound, while also continuing to push forward.

Crafting a haunting score that seems designed to blow out speakers at high volume – banging snares and a booming bass lines provide the perfect counterpoint for WaYo’s weaving vocals. “Don’t like” is entertaining, disturbing, and enthralling at times, as the true emotions and motivations of its protagonist unfolds.

“Seen a lot of things with my eyes. Nothing comes to me as a surprise. Everything you do has got a price,” shows that his vision is focused and clear.  Indeed, his modus operandi is the one thing that he makes fully clear. Moreover, WaYo is such an addicting rapper to listen to, the way his flow bobs up and down, and he’s also really fun to sing along to.

Obviously knowing the words to the song makes it more fun to hear, as there’s something so quotable about virtually every line on this track. The quality of the production is also essential for modern rap and trap to work, and WaYo’s ear for sharp, inventive beats is as good as you’ll find in the genre.

Surprisingly, “Don’t like” is pretty much exactly what I expected, the beat’s on point, and WaYo matches it with an equally hypnotic melody. That type of feat is one unmatched by many of his contemporaries in the underground game today.

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