September 28, 2023

Flyboy Music and Original Flayvah connect to create a sound track for both the cities of Cleveland and Philadelphia. Longtime friends DJ Intricate, Buck and Hflow get together with ambitions to uplift the culture and put the music they create and love in the forefront. The main goal is attract the right people to this gritty sound and take off but only doing so with integrity and complete control these projects will be a treat for the indie music lovers please share and enjoy!

MORE ABOUT: Dj Intricate is the founder and CEO of Flyboy Music and Deepinnthought Productions. He is from Cleveland, Oh, and has been independently creating music for 20 years. Working with many legends and creating relationships within the culture has always been a must!

He currently plans on releasing Stay Intricate a solo album and also a joint album with Philadelphia natives and close friends Buck & Hflow. Both represent the same thing and carry their talents by way of their production company Original Flayvah.

Years ago their bond was built threw music when their parents were stationed in Cleveland Ohio, working with the Salvation Army. The bond never broke and even though DJ Intricate is in Cleveland, and Hflow and Buck are in Philly, they still connect in a major way and plan to change the landscape of hip-hop/rap and music. Period.


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