December 10, 2023

Miami, Florida creative D.Tech is aspiring to put Dade County and South Florida back on the map again. “I don’t feel like it’s being represented anymore as it used to be. Everyone is either representing ATL, the Bay, or New York,” says the artist. D.Tech has been producing since the age of 12. Rapping since the age of 18, and started singing since three years ago. A majority of his uploads are beats on Soundcloud, but now he has started to release more songs, and has also launched a group called Peace of Mind. D.Tech is currently promoting his latest single “Bust Back”.

With years already sunk into that independent hustle, D.Tech is separating himself from the sea of mic workers claiming to be the next mixtape messiah. Hip-hop has long held to the mantra of “keeping it real”, but few achieve it. One of these few, might just be D.Tech.

The strange is, if a “real” rapper takes the industry to task, people get uncomfortable. And D.Tech has done just that. “Labels can’t buy, cause I stay grinding. Cause I make my own fucking money, can’t define me. This my talent, this my skill. I don’t give up, I only bill,” is exactly how the Miami based rapper fearlessly lays down the gauntlet.

And he puts his mission statement front and center. A hungry sounding D.Tech, a thumping beat and on point lyricism leads to an entertaining track. The audience is hyped up right from the opening bars with massive vocal onslaught, before D.Tech slides into the first verse.

To say that D.Tech has become adept at punchlines, worked hard on mastering the craft of a storyteller, and tightened up his flow and diction in general over the years, would be an understatement. On “Bust Back” he comes out of the blocks flying.

He is so about his game, lyrically and mentally, and is firmly focused on being sharper than his competition.

That kind of confidence is not only impressive, it’s damn infectious. It’s hard to argue with D.Tech’s point that emcees from his part of the world don’t get the credit they deserve and that a whole lot of the industry still swings from the ATL, the Bay, or New York rappers’ nutsacs.

What’s really key to D.Tech’s flow is the pace of his delivery. Rewind any of his phrases several times, and you’ll key on exactly what I’m talking about. D.Tech flows like a lyrical Swiss watch with flawless timing. Only two verses deep into the track D.Tech has already proven his point, but when he unleashes the final verse, you really could say, its “game over”, for the competition.

The production on the track is also flawless. If you never felt the South Florida movement, D.Tech is the answer for you. He brings the sound to the table, and his talent should not be overlooked, as he gets ready to tear down any misconceptions.


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