December 9, 2023

I’ve listened to a lot of singers in my lifetime, and few have captured my attention like R&B and Soul artist, Dahshanae. Her voice is so very, very soothing. But don’t let that fool you, because she is an excellent vocalist. I think she is such a special artist. She has a depth to her music that seems so rare nowadays. Dahshanae has a way of connecting with her audience in such a genuine way, and the sound of her voice is so dreamy and soulful, tinged with a slight dose of melancholy and nostalgia. It makes her performances enchantingly captivating. Slow-rolling and ethereal, her single “Friends”, is one of the few slow-burning tracks that could be played in your ride, as you chill and reflect on your state of being. “Let’s go to the club or Let’s go to the movies. Whatever we’re doing, You’ll be with us so you’ll be blooming,” sings Dahshanae, as she unravels the joys of friendship.

Dahshanae’s exceptional lyrical ability cuts through, as an earnest, cheeky, and emotional dedication to her crew. Songwriting will always be the songstress’ calling card, as she’s not out to be the chart-busting diva, over-singing with each track she releases.

Preferring a more delicate approach, Dahshanae shows herself capable of holding her own, shining her own light, in a lane inhabited by an exclusive few. Her gentle and elegant musical disposition should not be confused for circumscription – her aura is front and center, for everyone to see and feel.

Dahshanae’s vocals fuse perfectly with the production as if she is floating on the understated throbbing beat, creating this lovely luminous aura around the song. “Friends” comes to you as not just a project or a simple release but as true and genuine experience.

The result is, a new track that is nothing short of hypnotic. The use of warm keys, thumping percussion, and layered harmonies, elicit a sense of quiet excitement. Woven into this musical backdrop is Dahshanae’s smooth and fluid voice, filled with breathy vocalizations and raw sentiment.

Songs that we associate with moments and people we encounter, become the soundtrack to our lives. As human beings, we are conditioned to use music as an escape, an outlet, and a coping mechanism. We highlight some of the biggest moments of our lives with songs.

We are able to identify with a time and place because of the music we heard when we were there. We even connect people and the memories we’ve shared with them to songs. Hence an intimate and honest account like “Friends” becomes a goldmine of communication and relatability.

Dahshanae has outdone herself with this heart-on-her-sleeve track, letting listeners into her corner of the world for three fruitful minutes, as she describes the concepts and experiences attached to friendship, from her point of view.

“Friends” encompasses Dahshanae’s style and musical personality—simple yet full of deep-rooted meaning. It shows a clear idea of her aspirations as an artist. Don’t tell Erykah Badu this, but Dahshanae is slowly climbing up the ranks of my music crush list!


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