December 9, 2023

“High on Wheels” is a track from the forthcoming album of the same name, by Speaker Child. This G-Funk rapper who goes by the name of Brian Augustine, brings back some of that classic retro vibes from Hip hop’s golden era. The production from Maclane Georgeson lays out the bumping backdrop on which Speaker Child designs his skateboard swagger and all-round Cali vibe. Upon first listen, the root of the attraction is obvious; the binding agent here is definitely the artist’s gift for enhancing any atmosphere with his sharp flow and wit. Speaker Child expounds simple, yet genuine perspectives which hit home.

The content of this track is easily relatable for most and specifically designed to be accessible to all. His ability to draw from real experiences and weave them into a captivating storyline deserves respect. But what really separates this artist from most, is his great flow and forceful delivery that demands your attention.

“High on Wheels” finds Speaker Child at his best. Every bar is extra sharp. Every verse has been masterfully crafted. And the anecdotes feel true. Clearly making him an expert at creating pictures in the listeners’ ears. Whether you consider him a great narrator or a truthful poet, his music is gorgeous either way.

With an ear for a beat, he flows over the harmonious instrumentation with a confident style. Speaker Child is a West-Coast rap artist from Cali, and his words and style exemplify that excellently. West-Coast beats are also more musical than most other hip-hop styles, hence this combination is bound to strike a chord with fans.

Once you heard a handful of tracks by Speaker Child, you start to realize that there is more to his music, than just the music; he lives the lyrics he raps about. His personality and his music can’t be separated, and you can’t understand either fully without knowledge of both.

Lyrically and technically, Speaker Child has a sharpened focus, telling his stories with detail and meaning. When he’s not reflective, his rapping is fast and intricately patterned. On “High on Wheels”, Speaker Child sounds comfortable. He sounds confident. He sounds like he knows he’s released some great music here.

“High on Wheels” shows Speaker Child succeeding in just about every imaginable way. His lyrics, his ear for production, his flow, his message, his energy, his craftiness, his cleverness and his originality are all far better than many of his current mumble rap contemporaries.

Music is his medium, and he’s checked all of the boxes on “High on Wheels”.  Speaker Child proves that when he’s focused, he’s one of the West Coast’s coolest advocates. The track would sound like something that came out of the golden era of hip hop if it weren’t for the hi-tech quality of the beat.


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