The Real J Israel – ‘I Love You’

The Real J Israel – ‘I Love You’

Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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From being a preacher’s child growing up in the church to becoming an R&B artist. The award winning indie gospel artist turned R&B artist The Real J Israel is hoping to win the hearts of millions of fans and music lovers across the world. He is set to become a household name for his effortless delivery, amazing vocal dexterity, and soulful notes that constantly melt the hearts of his listeners worldwide.

The Atlanta based artist promises to create amazing performances that grab attention in moments the audience cannot comprehend, giving them a euphoric feeling that keeps them asking for more. Greatly inspired by the likes of Babyface, James Brown and Micheal Bolton, The Real J Israel is ready to show the world his infusion of R&B and Soul music. His sonorous voice is perfectly blended with flexibility and the quick transition of incredible notes that will leave you stunned every time.

The music and lyrics of his track, ‘I Love You’ get in your bones and spirit, talent like that only comes from passion. With rich vocals, he’s pouring out his heart to his partner and you hear it in every word. As a musician, music lover, and music collector, I can say, without reservation, that this track ranks with some of the most sincere, genuine, and extraordinary music I’ve ever heard in this new year.

This is music for those who really appreciate the craft, yet also for those who simply enjoy music for the sake of being entertained. It has a sultry, intoxicating groove with the kind of subtle musicianship which brilliantly pairs with The Real J Israel’s vocals. Unlike many other artists who find success in their first releases, The Real J Israel does not succumb to the tendency towards “commercialism” in his music. No, he doesn’t purposely seek to make music that is “radio friendly,” but guess what? Radio stations are going to play it because, well, this is just beautiful, real music.

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