December 9, 2023

Saber Leon’s music is a unique mix of experimental hip hop and trip hop. His writing can be interpreted in multiple ways, enabling the listener to hear a different experience depending on their mindset with the purpose of expanding their way of thinking.

Keeping one’s skills on the mic sharpened is no foreign concept to Saber Leon. The emcee never misses an opportunity to exercise both his mic skills and his pen game. While the cover image of the single initially gives off connotations of what the listener is in for, “Daetium” goes beyond that.

The track is both introspective and extrospective, with the artist playing the role of a ‘woke’ emcee. The lyrics, though sounding personal and autobiographic, also imply that it’s a symbolic work with a series of cryptic messages or meanings that each of us need to unravel in our own situation.

“Daetium” is the song you play for people who don’t get Saber Leon, the one you play for people who don’t listen to hip-hop because they think rap doesn’t have depth, the one you listen to when you need to be inspired by the meaning of the chaos of your own life story. There’s really no way to encapsulate the song without listening to it.

Saber Leon is on radio rotation with the track “Daetium”

… the further the angle, the more precise with the unknown… – Daetium

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