Hannah Strumner – “Better Off Rejected”

Hannah Strumner is a pop-country singer and songwriter based in the United States. She has been both songwriting and singing since the age of six years old, with the hope to spread happiness and joy through her music. Hannah’s latest single is entitled “Better Off Rejected”.  The blonde prodigy has a knack for fusing old country habits with the liberated tones of contemporary pop. Hannah Strumner displays a charm that is irresistible on this track. One can’t help but appreciate the fact that she knows how to say, unabashedly and honestly, that someone she liked, wasn’t the right person for her.

The most daring female artists in the Country-Pop genres these days are those that are singing songs of empowerment and self-reliance within the trappings of a radio-friendly sound. And right now Hannah Strumner is doing it very well indeed, for a newcomer.

“Better Off Rejected” gains in strength as it goes along, mirroring Hannah’s push away from a particular person and towards the welcoming arms of self-discovery and self-empowerment: “Take a breath, I’m not what you expected. Well that’s okay, I’m better off rejected.”

“Better Off Rejected” is a song most growing young teen girls will relate to. Warm jangly acoustic guitars are abundant, but they’re less of a focal point than a starting point on a song with soft edges and a dreamy tone.

Hannah Strumner doesn’t pull any punches on this track where she rips an ex-boyfriend, and then finds herself again. “Well now I know why you were sitting alone in a restaurant that day. Cause you were to blame.” Hannah’s voice is gentle, yet steely, as she sings with a sense of self-possession while glissandos of shimmering guitar slide around her vocals.

Hannah Strumner carefully unfolds her narrative layer by layer, creating transparency and serving a slice of honesty. The track comes in full force for the chorus, and a highlight is the drum beat that is subtle enough to not be overbearing, but strong enough to carry the beat.

Hannah sings about how the relationship felt like initially, and how it evolved: “I never thought a guy I liked. I’d try so hard to forget overtime. And now I see why people don’t take another step closer to you. And I don’t want to.” Even in the short amount of runtime, the singer-songwriter does a remarkable job at telling her story.

Overall, “Better Off Rejected” has a flow that is velvety smooth. The overall theme of the song is undeniably relatable through Hannah Strumner’s honest, open diary. Her strength in storytelling flourishes throughout the track, and it will not be long before she reaps the benefits of such a talent.

“Better Off Rejected” has a way of moving the listener through the motions of her experiences in a mesmerizing way. This is a beautiful, honest and open song from a poised and graceful young performer.

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