Third Degree and E.a Poitier – ‘Roll Like Dat’

Third Degree and E.a Poitier – ‘Roll Like Dat’

Thursday, 09 April 2020
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‘Roll Like Dat’ is the first single off of Hip-Hop Opus, a collaborative effort between Third Degree and E.a Poitier. Together they are like a modern version of Eric B and Rakim. The song is a great way to catch a vibe before you go to hang out. It provides edgy lyrics supported by a hard hitting beat. It really shows that Third Degree is lyrical. Its music with meaning but music you can dance to at the same time.

The repetitive hook for ‘Roll Like Dat’ is very catchy. It also promotes loyalty and being real and honest with yourself. It is like a hip-hop lesson on being laid back. The song references not chasing fame, helping to bring others up, and smoking gas. Third Degree gave us three verses for this one. Each one just as dope as the last.

E.a Poitier did his thing with the production of this track. The beat hits hard. It grabs your attention right from the beginning. The bass provides the extra knock for those with a system. It’s a fun track and it is sure to keep the party going if you put it in rotation.

Look for more from Third Degree and E.a Poitier. Their current album entitled ‘Hip-Hop Opus’ is available on all major platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Google Play, and Deezer.

Third Degree strives to see things clearly and not as they appear to be. To him, hip-hop is always about expressing yourself and flexing your talent. As an emcee, he brings lyricism to the craft. He appreciates the old, middle and new school of hip-hop. Dopeness is dopeness.

Third Degree currently resides in California. His producer is in North Carolina. Their project is a bi-coastal collaboration.


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