December 10, 2023

Brooklyn native, Tuu Ra gained a love for music at a young age. Finding inspiration from his Haitian father, a musician, and his Jamaican mother, an educator, he began writing and producing music at fourteen years old. Tuu Ra displays music versatility in his ability to perform in the Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae/Dancehall and Afrobeats genres also being a Beat-Maker / Producer. His music career took a different direction in 2019 after a few collaborations with AfroBeats artists in Ghana & Nigeria.

Since his record “Got Yo Back” Tuu Ra has ran with what seems to be his path of least resistance when it comes to the many genres that he could’ve focused on. In his own words, what sets him apart from other artists, is his unique spiritual training and his commitment to incorporate those teachings in his work. He also explains that music is important to him because it is a tool to invoke joy, motivation, and healing which is needed to accomplish goals in life.

Tuu Ra is on radio rotation with the tracks “Catch this Drip” and “Walk in Truth”

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