February 23, 2024

Dj Marlon was born in Bolzano, Italy, and has had a sincere passion for music since the early 90s. He grew up as a DJ, and started mixing in his bedroom, before succeeding in making a name for himself and becoming a resident DJ in well- known clubs in Italy, Austria and Switzerland. He has played in night clubs, at weddings, private events, festivals and released many successful singles and remixes. Fluently versed in Deep House, Future House, Tropical House, and Melodic House, DJ Marlon recently dropped the summertime, beach and dancefloor banger, “Na Na Na”, which is out on LoveStyle Records.

Dance maven Dj Marlon is not one to shy away from quality songwriting or massive hooks. In fact, this single is aligned with the kind of crossover, pop-styled sound that has allowed many of his peers in the EDM world to rise above the noise.

On “Na Na Na”, he embraces a more traditional Top 40 vibe, without sacrificing all the essential dance-floor elements in his sound. From vocals to instrumentation, DJ Marlon has assembled some of the grooviest, smoothest and most well-rounded sounds into this track.

What stands out about this track is how aware Dj Marlon seems to be about the current state of EDM. His history of playing small events, to significant clubs and festivals, has tuned his ear to both pop trends and underground sounds.

The song’s buoyantly heaving rhythm is packed in classic piano-driven house vibes, while the soul-stirring vocals flex in-between a blend of dancefloor accessibility and blow-away topline vocal work. The singer’s soulful timbre seductively wraps itself around the piano stabs and bassline juxtapositions in a way that’s reminiscent of top flight EDM and Pop hits.

Certainly Dj Marlon proves himself as a DJ/Producer motivated for greater heights. The knocking bassline, ambient yet ear-worming melody, and a vocal performance that simmers to a boil, are key features, reserved for those who really care about quality releases that will appeal to masses of people all over the planet.

For the dance purists who feel as though modern crossover material will always birth bland electro-pop vibes – there is no need to worry.  Dj Marlon knows and accesses what dance once has always meant – rich, vibrant motifs featuring sumptuous vocal performances.

Dj Marlon defied expectations and created a crossover winner, as he unleashes his heart and soul through the music. The soulful vocal delivery brings also brings euphoric emotion to a tune with a smooth melody, and easy to follow lyrics.

And the result is nothing short of spectacular. It’s going to be hard to top this, as Dj Marlon has pulled out all of the stops on “Na Na Na”. He has set the perfect tones, to move this dynamic single into the 2020 spotlight.

Connect with DJ Marlon:
Booking: info@djmarlon.com
Podcast: podcast.djmarlon.com
iTunes Mixes: itunes.djmarlon.com
Spotify: spotify.djmarlon.com
TuneIn: tunein.djmarlon.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/deejaymarlon.dj
Instagram: www.instagram.com/djmarlonlira
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/djmarlonlira
Youtube: www.youtube.com/djmarloncom

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