September 28, 2023

Check out the new single “Back Up” by Iciy Hot. Available now! On all digital platforms! Goto her official website for her latest releases and shows dates. Isis-Imon, stage name Iciy Hot, proudly from Brooklyn N.Y. has been performing from the age of 7. She writes music, models, sings, raps, acts, and dance.

She has recorded through the years with seasoned producers dropping her vocals on compilation albums. Iciy Hot is an impactful entertainer who inspires. An ambiguous and philosophical young lady with a beautiful empathetic soul. She is hands on for every project– always at her best, always ready. This raw talented musically inclined artist is steadily gearing towards worldwide recognition.

“I am happy to find my home where I am accepted for who I am and I love my supporters, my team, and the process.”Iciy Hot

What’s cooler than bein’ cool? Iciy Hot steez is the coldest

Iciy Hot is on radio rotation with the track “Back Up”

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