September 27, 2023

An American Midwest Artist, I don’t consider myself to be a rapper or singer I am an artist, an entertainer, a Creator, Contrastly Diverse Universally within the realm of music! Unbound by genre, style or category. I consider myself to be “Music’s Gumbo Melting Pot were you will find no confinement of my artistry, my conscious is unchained to just one any particular designated musical category.

Often people here me mention “Music’s Gumbo Melting Pot, this is because I have been influenced by so many different artists of the past and the now which has always given me a reflection of different outlooks or insight in perspective of my approach to music.

It would be very difficult to name every musician that has impacted my being from Billie Holiday to Pavoratti to the Bee Gees to Jimmy Hendrix to Boosie Collins to Sade to Red to Rick Ross to George Michel to Norman brown to B.B King and on and on to the break of dawn..!

So welcome to what I like to call “Music’s Gumbo Melting Pot”. I hope you enjoy my Music.

Bflame has worked with Eightball & Mjg, Pastor Troy, Doe or Die , Bobby Valentino just to name a few and also performed on tour with Ludacris, Waka Flocka, Machine gun Kelly, Twista, Dmx Dirty Wurlz to name a few. BFLAME is a musical Genius taking today’s hip hop and R&B a level up.

Bflame is on radio rotation with the track “Slide Tonight”




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