December 8, 2023

Tha Paperboy; born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI until the age of 16. As a product of the struggle just as many poverty-stricken families, he first picked up the pen at the age of 12. It wasn’t until the age of 16 that he began to take music seriously when he moved from Kalamazoo to Elkhart, IN.

Since 2009 he has done many opening acts and/or hosted shows for many mainstream artists such as; Young Buck, Twista, Bonecrusher, Lil Scrappy, Dorrough, 8 Ball, Young Bleed, Tela, Crime Mobb, Do or Die, and the list goes on.

Since 2018 he has also been seen with a lot of other up-and-coming Independent Artists out of the Midwest who have been becoming a juggernaut in the underground hip hop music industry. Expect BIG things to come from the Midwest!

Tha Paperboy is on radio rotation with the track “On God”


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