September 28, 2023

Duane Richards professionally known as Daddy Rich or D-Rich is an aspiring Reggae\Dancehall artist from Toronto Canada. He generally writes and sings music from the reggae genre. Daddy Rich comes from a musical family of DJ’s, where he credits his love for music. As a child Daddy Rich has written many songs, he also credits his many life experiences as a source of inspiration for his music. Duane has a raspy, smoky tone which people often compare him to the popular reggae artist I-Octane. Music has always been a passion of Duane’s as he would DJ at small events since the age of 16. Duane currently has 2 singles out called “Put It Dung and “Nuh Trust Friend” and at this time is writing and recording more music. Through his music he hopes to spread positivity to his fan base and entertain people all over the world.

Daddy Rich is on radio rotation with the track “Put It Dung”.

Connect with Daffy Rich on Instagram / YouTube: @Daddyrichmusic

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