September 22, 2023

Tommy Manay has not always had his life figured out, but he sure is glad he’s on the path he is now. Born in Van Nuys, California, Tommy was swept into the cycle of vices that surround teenagers in the area, finding himself addicted to drugs and joining a local gang while in high school. The shock needed to break him free came in the form of a mission’s trip out to the Philippines to assist children in the area. His priorities shifted and he would soon marry and move with his two daughters to the Philippines to assist the community from within. The duo are base leaders for Youth With a Mission Philippines Impact, and Tommy uses his music as the pulse for these messages to run. The children interact well to his infectious pop, rap, and EDM sounds, and his music brings hope and inspiration to tens and thousands of people across the country.

Tommy Manay is on radio rotation with the track “Me and You”.

You can connect with Tommy Manay’s music on Spotify and iTunes.

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