September 25, 2023

LOS MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest know how to trade dazzlingly intricate verses, all alliteration and propulsive rhymes, over inventive, smooth productions, and their latest 2 part project entitled “Inside The People”, supersizes this impacting aesthetic without squandering any hard-won authenticity. Singer, songwriter, producer, and emcee, LOS MUSICK is from Port Author, Texas, while P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest comes from Opelousas, Louisiana. Together, the two completed this project in just two weeks. The part was released on June 19th, while the second part is set to drop August 14th..

LOS MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest have long-since learnt how to turn their words into lyrical ammunition, and this project is a distillation of what their crafts are all about. The two demand your attention from the opening title track “Inside The People”. It is clear that this project is the culmination of many years of experience, during which time the two artists have observed, listened and reacted.

Their thoughts and feelings – along with their ability to read and riff off one another’s thoughts – build to the astounding apex of this recording. It presents a bunch of sentiments that anyone can understand and that’s why it’s such a blessing that “Inside The People” is one of the finest hip-hop releases of this year.

The single, “My Friend Hip Hop” continues the proceedings with blistering mellifluous force and immediately establishes LOS MUSICK’s penchant for producing groove busting beats and catchy hooks to serve as the framework in which both he and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest can flaunt their lyrical chops.

Both LOS MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest fully understand where the strengths of their partner lie and as such they regularly produce space for one another. “Did It Again”, as well as “Let It All Out No Questions” reveal just how far the duo has come in their creative quest. The beats are insane, not only in the quality of the end product but in how these productions engage unusual song structures.

“40oz Poetry” is a masterstroke of atmospheric hip hop. This is a musical evolution, where LOS MUSICK goes even further, cooking up one of his most kinetic beats. These sounds don’t just blow speakers, they blow minds.

“Pray For Me” is awash with smooth soulful motifs and lush vocal harmonies. This is probably the most harmonic hip hop you’ll hear this year. Play this shit loud, for a full-on listening experience. Cramming 12 tracks in a brisk and breathless 33 minutes, “Inside The People” has a lot to say about a lot of things.

“That Feeling” also features T.Lae, inside a flavorful sonic stew, driven by exuberant percussion and searching synths. You, Me, and Mary Ann oozes with slow burning vibe, its widescreen piano driven beat knocking you for six while letting you know exactly what it is.

The EP’s flows are generally indebted to the golden age of hip-hop, R&B and Soul, while the beats themselves, wear their love of both classic sounds and innovation on their sleeve. It’s almost impossible not to love every second of this recording.

And while it may not make the most sense reading it on paper, you don’t need to listen long to hear what LOS MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest bring out in each other. “Inside The People” is exactly what you’d expect from two guys who have been around the block and have seen it all. A lot of ground is covered across the EP, despite its snappy runtime.

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