October 3, 2023

From Cincinatti Ohio, Isaiah Spikes, first fell in love with music through the sounds of it in media. Things like Disney or cool video game soundtracks, always added a memorable moment in his mind. Then he began to experience it everywhere – Marvel, the NBA, WWE, the NFL and video games. The music always flourished there, and the more he heard it the more he wanted to be a part of it. Inspired by the likes of Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Drake, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole, Isaiah Spikes fell in love with Rap music, which continues to drive his ambitions.

The rapper is one of the more talented and exciting artists coming up in the underground hip-hop scene today. His previously released material showcased a versatility that was impressive, but nonetheless left me wondering where the momentum was heading.

Isaiah Spikes

The good news is that his latest release, the single “Remember” is his most well thought-out project to date, affirming his status as one of the real talent’s in rap’s current climate of pop mumblers.

The track is drenched in languorous low-end grooves and shimmering keys, as, Isaiah Spikes packs blunt, clever verses, and an understated elastic flow. The sobriety of the production on “Remember”, should serve as inspiration to his contemporaries – if you have a solid song you  don’t need to overload it with gimmicks.

The track is arguably Spikes’ best work, as he continues to grow as an artist and proves that he can stand among today’s crop of rappers, and in many ways, outshine them. Isaiah Spikes goes above and beyond with his well-paced, conversational flow and storytelling lyrics, to prove that he isn’t a one-trick pony and has multiple assets up his sleeves.

In terms of technique, Spikes devotes much of his effort to his delivery and his lyricism, while he impressively bends his flow to the pace of the beat. There is no doubt that the rapper is excellent at conveying his message, as he lays down lays down his razor-sharp, steely-eyed rhymes.

Rap is probably as crowded today as it has ever been. The barrier of entry into the game no longer exists thanks to the technological evolution. Rappers no longer need access to major record labels, professional studios and mainstream radio gain an audience.

As a result, there are tons of artists grabbing attention every day – provided they can rise above the noise. Ultimately, “Remember” proves that indeed, Isaiah Spikes voice can rise above the noise.

Irrespective of any level of hype “Remember” creates, Isaiah Spikes is carving his own lane, and he deserves credit for making a track this different from his contemporaries. “Remember” is a grand feat of precise, focused and efficient creativity without all the fluff.


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