December 9, 2023

Currently located in Kinston, North Carolina is the singer-songwriter and artist, JuVon Van Gogh. Carving out a name for himself in the alternative-rock space, JuVon Van Gogh has an incredibly memorable voice that captures audiences from across the world. His vocal melodies flow like honey, meanwhile his deeply personal lyrics resonate with listeners. In JuVon Van Gogh’s latest track, “Motherearth Plateau” you can hear his moving melodies as he croons gorgeous notes over soulful guitar hooks and an atmosphere that is instantly captivating.

Having held a deep passion and appreciation for music, JuVon Van Gogh is a versatile singer- songwriter who can create musical soundscapes that are extraordinarily unique. His style and tone are unlike anything else and with each track he creates, listeners are able to experience his mesmerizing melodies and hooks.

JuVon Van Gogh’s voice carries with it a warm, organic tone that is instantly captivating and filled with a rare type of energy that is beyond exceptional. From his incredible storytelling skills to his exceptional flow, JuVon Van Gogh has quickly made a name for himself in today’s music landscape. He has a natural gift and talent that draws in individuals from every background from across the world.

JuVon Van Gogh is on radio rotation with the track “Was Never Yours”.


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