December 5, 2023

Lewis Ricardo Navas Padilla, known artistically as Lewee, is an urban music writer and singer. He was born in 2001 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Starting in the urban genre, writing books of his songs, he has written since he was 12 years old, and currently has several published books. His dream is to be internationally recognized for his talent as a writer and his versatility in the genre. Coming from the bottom, Lewee has managed to achieve many things, however, none had satisfied him as much as starting to do what he really loves, which is creating songs and writing.

A self-taught entrepreneur he has dedicated his life to Digital Marketing on social networks since 2012. He has worked and gained experience independently with companies such as: Google Adsense, Facebook Ads Break, Audience Network, Viral Rich, MGID, CPA Companies such as Adtual, Adjal, Los Pollos, CPC with Adnow and CPM with Rocket.

A reputable member in the business forum ‘FOROBETA’ managing contacts and partners in Vietnam and different countries in Latin America and Europe, Lewis Navas Padilla’s curriculum includes: Experience and participation as a former changer and intermediary due to his high reputation in international forums or business groups. Technician in accounting and financial operations, Certified in Photoshop and management of video editing. Anonymous Writer since 2016, unpublished books, bilingual, brand owner on Instagram and inactive entertainment websites.

Lewis Ricardo Navas Padilla acquired the achievement of 100.000 subscribers on YouTube in 2018 by way of his urban music channel. He is also the owner of a fleet of fan pages on the Facebook platform that have exceeded 10,000,000 Followers, and is now starting his career as an urban music singer under the moniker Lewee.

Lewee is currently on radio rotation with the track “Daddy Malicious”


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